CORIMA carbon wheelset with Pro-cycling teams

Corima products have always been chosen by the top cycling athletes. Many riders and teams are riding Corima wheels worldwide.

It’s our will to always go ahead that allows us to take up the most difficult challenges. From the first monobloc DISC wheels in 1988, the first 4 Spoke wheels in 1991 until the AERO+ Tubeless 3 years ago and now the MCC wheels, all of them are being used by Champions. The top racing level allows us to perform live road tests.

Pro-Tour Team (1st division)

The ASTANA Team , which is amongst the Pro Tour world elite, rides with the whole range of Corima wheels. Made up of riders of many nationalities, this team symbolises the worldwide passion for the sport of cycling. The ASTANA team successfully uses our range of wheels all over the world, with the Tour de France as the high point of their season.

Astana Team

Continental Teams (2nd division)

La POMME MARSEILLE, Continental (3rd division) team has been using the Corima wheel range for several years. While highlighting the promise of its young riders in the professional calendar’s events, this leading club from the south of France continues to pursue its educational and training role.

Team La pomme Marseille