Carbon wheel repair and services

Corima benefits from a unique know-how in Europe in the composite tooling for more than 35 years.

Corima has been manufacturing high performance carbon wheels for more than 22 years. Not only this know-how enables us to launch exceptional products but it also enables us to offer our customers a unique after-sale service. Corima is one of the few if not the only manufacturer in Europe who can offer this repair service. This service is very much appreciated by cyclists riding carbon frames and wheels.

Of course, all our customers benefit from our technical skills for the regular maintenance of their product(s) but also for the repair of their product(s) in case of damages. This service is available as well for cyclists who ride carbon frames and wheels from other brands.

Hand lasting Corima carbon wheelsYou can contact our specialists by phone (+33 (0)4 75 63 85 37) or by e-mail ( If the repair of your wheel or frame is possible, we will send you an estimate for repair in order to allow you to go on using your material in the best conditions.

With Corima, you benefit from the expertise, the service and the commitment of the manufacturer. Our goal is to offer our customers exactly the same materials as those used by the professional cyclists and that’s why Corima can offer you a range of products of excellent quality and very good value for money.

With Corima you make the right choice.