Aerodynamic of CORIMA carbon wheelset

At Corima, we place a great deal of importance on the aerodynamic performance of our wheels. Over 20 years ago, we developed a high-performance composite DISC wheel. In 1993, Chris BOARDMAN used our equipment, frame and wheels to achieve the most symbolic of records in technological terms.

Since then, we have constantly innovated to maintain our lead, and this has made the Corima range of wheels the most sophisticated in the world for aerodynamics, which is so vital to the cyclist's performance.

Our experts carry out computer simulations to constantly try and reduce drag. This research involves optimising friction pressure on the various surfaces of the wheel and tyre. We also work to improve the air flow speed and air flow separators on the wheel to obtain a wheel that requires as little power as possible to move forward and spin.

We have designed dozens of prototypes and repeatedly cross-referenced the precise results achieved by our various models on our test benches. When we then validate our best projects in the wind tunnel, we know that the hours of experience that we have accumulated and the use of the most sophisticated technologies make our wheels unique in the world.

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Concept 2D

CORIMA Concept 2D

The latest aerodynamic research carried out in our research centre has led to a new rim design that we call Concept 2D. This new shape improves air flow and increases the rigidity of the tubular rim.

Concept 2D, which was first used on the 3 Spoke carbon wheel, which is positioned as the best suited wheel to the triathlon and time trials, has now been transposed to the Disc, VIVA "S", UP "S", AERO+, WINIUM+ and MCC wheels.