CORIMA wheels and carbon frames are designed and manufactured in France

Corima is a world leading company in the design and the manufacturing of high performance composite parts. In 1998, Corima puts its technical skills into the manufacturing of wheels and bike frames. Corima's know-how is unique and our company is well known for its constant innovation. Innovations that involved a real revolution of all the materials in all the cycling disciplines.

In this very competitive market, it's the quality and the innovation of the Corima products that establish the worldwide reputation of the brand. Due to our experience in working with composite materials, we control all of the steps in the manufacturing process to make your product "unique": the design, the production, the control and the after-sales service, everything being made in our plant in Loriol sur Drôme (26) in France.

3D /CAD / Tooling / Design

3D-CAD : The mastery of optimization on virtual models, 3D CAD design.

Tooling : The ability to design and produce all the moulds, tools and special machines required to properly implement the manufacturing process.

This global experience allows us to offer you a range of products of excellent quality and very good value for money.

Design : In the development of a product, we determine the technical specifications, where we include both our sales department and our customers to clearly understand the product requirements then arrives the phase of conceptual design of the product as well as the design of the production process. We design our own machines to make the products. This allows us to control the process and to respond quickly to repair, maintenance and quality issues.

Production / Controls

All of our products are manufactured at our plant in Loriol sur Drôme (26) in France and are carried out by our qualified, skilled and attentive personnel.

To achieve its desired level of performance, Corima has chosen to manufacture its prorducts from pre-impregnated carbon sheets and fibres.

Each pre-impregnated part has to be put in position, ensuring that the fibres are correctly orientated in a vital, determined order and with a strict eye on the quality procedure.

We have the ability to design and produce all of the assemblies and machines to check the quality and characteristics of the manufactured parts and to ensure the tracking of each manufactured part.


Corima products are exported in more than 70 countries.

Le service après-vente

The after-sales service is made by Corima or by its distributors.

Our products are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. The conditions of use are indicated in the "Owner’s Manual" included with our products.