CORIMA carbon wheels for Hand Bike and Wheelchair sports

In 1991, Patrick SEGAL who was one of the deputy-mayors of the City of Paris asked Corima if it was possible to adapt the monobloc wheels (Disc and 4 Spoke) for the sport of wheelchair athletics for his Paris Racing Club Team.

That's how exceptional athletes such as Mustapha BADID, Philippe COUPRIE and Jean-François POITEVIN have competed in the highest international events and in the 1992 Paralympics and also later on, with wheelchairs that were built with Corima wheels.

Carbon wheels for athletic wheelchairs

These carbon wheels are subjected to extreme conditions. The inclined position of the wheel creates tremendous pressure on the inner sides and the forces applied by the athletes on the push-rims requires the wheels to be strong and stiff. It's for these performance criteria that Corima wheels are considered as the best on the market by handisport athletes.

The AERO, 4 Spoke HR or HM and Disc C+ or TD6 C+ wheels are, because of their light weight, stiffness and low inertia in rotation, perfectly suited to equip the competition wheelchairs.

Corima produces more dedicated wheels for all these athletes with the TD6 C+ carbon wheel for wheelchair races. The DISC TD6 C+ carbon wheel is built with a specific rim profile that allows the whole rolling surface of the tubular to be used and reduces the risk of damaging the rim's edges particularly in the case of a puncture.

Athletic wheelchair carbon wheels are available in two versions Disc C+ (standard's rim angle) or Disc TD6 C+ (specific rim's angle). The external side of the Disc C+ or Disc TD6 C+ wheel is solid, without any visible valve hole. This creates better aerodynamics, it's more comfortable for the athlete and the overall look of the wheel is better.

Carbon wheels for Hand-Cycling (Handbikes)

Our collaboration with world-class athletes has enabled us to develop a range of even more efficient Handbikewheels.

The very light HBB (tubular) and HBP (clincher) models (with "S" hubs) are particularly well suited to this demanding sport andtomass start racing, wherecourses are both technically and physically difficult. The rim's light weight and stiffnessare advantages when accelerating and whenthe route is hilly.

Monocoque (DISC, 3-and 4-SPOKE) wheelsbring stiffness and aerodynamics to the highest levels of performance. They are designed forflat, fast eventsand fortime trials.