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3 Spoke carbon wheel: The best carbon wheel for track, triahtlon and time-trial

With its monocoque structure, the 3 Spoke carbon wheel is the winning wheel for triathlon, time-trial and track.

The profile of the rim with the 2D concept and the shape of the spokes like a drop of water (leading edge and trailing edge) make it very aerodynamic.

The front wheel is very light, only 640g, it has an integrated magnet for use with a bike computer and its front "Chrono" hub is built with ceramic bearings.

Combined with a rear CORIMA carbon Disc wheel, it is ideal for track, road cycling or triathlon.

Weight The indicated value is the weight of the front tubular wheel in 700C (28") without the skewer.   HM The HM models of our 3 Spoke wheels are made of HM carbon fibre (High Modulus), approximately 20% more rigid than the HR model, perfectly adapted for road racing and track events.
Integrated magnet The 3 spoke carbon wheels are supplied with an integrated magnet in one of the spokes (indicated by a sticker) for use with most modern bicycle computers.   Cassette Body The rear CORIMA wheels for road are compatible with Shimano 10 speed cassette, Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed cassette or Shimano 9/11 speed-Sram cassette. The complete cassette body is interchangeable.
12K The carbon's appearance in 12K is highlighted by a more visual weave, each square weave is made of 12000 filaments.   ceramic bearings The front 3 Spoke 2D carbon wheel is supplied with ceramic bearings. CORIMA has chosen one of the world leaders in bearings, "NSK" for the supply of its ceramic bearings.
Break pads For safe and better braking, you must use the brake pads that have been specifically designed by CORIMA for use on carbon rims. Our brake pads are compatible on Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram brake shoes.   2D New design of the rim's profiles to 22.6 mm which increases its stiffness and minimizes the air drag for better aerodynamics.
Torsion This technology used on some of our tubular carbon wheels increases the rim's stiffness for better performance.      


Wheels Front - Rear Clincher or Tubular (1) Diameter Type of use Carbon weave HR / HM Type Width (mm)(A) Profile (mm)(B) Weight (gr)(2) Max. Air Pressure (4) Hub reference Quick release skewer Valve extender Pair of brake pads Protection wheelbag Front track bolts(5) integrated magnet Option of setting of ceramic bearings Option setting of the "Road to Track" Kit Wheels Front - Rear Clincher or Tubular Type of use
3 Spoke Front Tubular 28" 700C Road 12K HM 2D 22,6 45 640 (4) T20015 oui oui oui oui non oui oui - 3 Spoke Front Tubular Road
3 Spoke Rear Tubular 28" 700C Road 12K HM 2D 22,6 45 810 (4) T20016/T20017/T20018 oui oui oui oui - oui non -
3 Spoke Rear Tubular Road
3 Spoke Front Tubular 28" 700C Track 12K HM 2D 22,6 45 665 (4) T20020 non oui oui oui oui oui oui - 3 Spoke Front Tubular Track

yes = Supplied     no = Option     - = Not Available

(1) For tubular rims, CORIMA recommends 23 mm tubular tires and for clincher CORIMA recommends 23 mm clincher tires.

(2) Rims weights are given as an indication. Weight without skewer

(4) There is no maximum air pressure for tubular wheels except the one recommended by the manufacturer of the tubular tire you're going to set on your wheel.

(5) Front road wheels can be used for track by removing the quick release skewer and setting track bolts (ref: 400161) on each side of the axle.

Corima Rim Scheme